Tuesday, June 28, 2011

'It's nice to be with someone who's a real lady': Alex Reid on moving on from Katie with new girlfriend Chantelle Houghton

-Says Katie's claim she never loved him was like 'a knife to the heart'
-Believes his marriage cost him his 'credibility as a serious actor and athlete'

By Daily Mail Reporter

I'm free! Alex Reid says he is enjoying being with 'a real lady' (Chantelle Houghton) following his split from Katie Price

Alex Reid admits that his ex Katie Price's revelation last week that she never really loved him was like 'a knife to the heart.'

But despite being hurt by his estranged wife's churlish words, the cage fighter and reality star insists he has moved on, and is enjoying his new romance with Chantelle Houghton.

And in a thinly-veiled dig at Price, Alex, 35, says his favourite thing about the Celebrity Big Brother winner is that she is 'a real lady.'

In an interview with this week's new! magazine, Alex says: 'The great thing about her is that she’s so feminine, a real lady.

He quips: 'It’s nice to be with someone who’s a real lady - is that a little dig?'

'She really is just so sweet, so girly. I’m cheeky. I’m like a little kid and I play around, [I make] little bum jokes. I tone that down a bit. She’s not a prude, she’ll find it funny, but I want to be a gentleman.'

On the rebound: Alex and Chantelle hit it off in April shortly after her split from Rav Wilding

The new couple hit it off when they sat together on a flight to Northern Ireland for the Fate Awards in April.

Reid admits he got to know Chantelle through her ex Rav Wilding, an acquaintance of his.

But following her split from the Crimewatch presenter, she began flirting with Alex at the Fate Awards ceremony and they shared a kiss.

Reid says they are taking things slow and joke that they are both on the rebound.

He also tells the magazine that he discouraged by the knowledge that their relationship may be viewed as a 'showmance.'

'What put me off was that it was going to be considered that sort of stuff. And I thought, "'Screw that. I'm going to live my life."'

And while he is moving on with Chantelle, 27, Alex says Katie still plays on his mind.

'She’ll always have a special place in my heart. I would have given my life for her. I am a romantic for better or for worse, so yeah, that hurts.

'I wish it had worked out. It’s sad because I was fighting the whole way to save it. It wasn’t my choice [to split].'

Reid says that Katie's revelation in an OK magazine interview last week that she never truly loved her him was 'like a knife to the heart. She says we're still friends, but a friend wouldn't say something like that.'

Moving on: Reid admits ex Katie Price's revelation last week that she never loved him was like 'a knife to the heart'

He adds: 'I got my first big TV show a week before I met Katie. Being with her was brilliant. It opened so many doors. It got me put on the map, even though I’d been working for 20-plus years in showbiz.

'But she also closed many doors. My credibility as an athlete, as a serious actor. I married into that. And that was one thing I was worried about with Chantelle. [But] she’s actually a lovely girl.'


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