Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sounds Like Gonzalez Will Play Some OF

DP talked about it earlier, but it seem to becoming a reality that Adrian Gonzalez will play some OF while on this 9 game NL road trip. I have been back and forth about this. I do think it's a risk. Obviously it's a risk from a standpoint that he is the slowest guy on the team and now we are going to have him running after pop ups and line drives. Yet, I think the bigger risk is getting him hurt. That would be the worst and make Francona look like a complete moron.

I still think it's worth it. Gonzalez and Ortiz are on such a tear that you don't want either out of the lineup. Pittsburgh and Philly both have pretty small right fields, so I think you'll see Gonzalez play a game in RF in each park. Then I also thing you'll see him sit a game or two on this trip. That way each guy can stay on somewhat regular playing time. I'll be in Pittsburgh for all three games, so hopefully I will get to see him play out there, because I want to see both these guys in the lineup.

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