Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Surprise, Surprise, Philly Wants To Be Us

Philly.com - If there’s a reason to end interleague play, this is it. The next few days figure to test our collective patience and sanity. Brace yourself: Boston fans are coming. They’ve gotten out of control, these Boston fans. They’ve mutated. There was a time when they took a perverse pride in their suffering, when they romanticized their lack of sports luck. Then the Pats won and the Sox won and the Celtics won and, more recently, the Bruins won. The people in Boston have become obnoxious, arrogant, condescending. After the Bruins won the Stanley Cup, I asked my buddy Flan, who lives up there, whether people were rioting in Central Square – a particularly lawless area of Cambridge where Flan and I once watched two hobos fight in the middle of Massachusetts Avenue. (True story.)”Nope,” Flan said. “We act like we’ve been there before.” Boston Globe and SportsIllustrated.com columnist Dan Shaughnessy – a man who’s written about Boston sports for decades – summed up the vomit-inducing situation perfectly in the first sentence of a recent piece. The story appeared under the obligatory headline you might expect: “Being a sports fan in Boston has become an embarrassment of riches.” “The rest of the country,” Shaughnessy wrote, “must be sick of us in Boston.” Pass the Pepto.

It's so obvious that Philly is the little brother to the best sports town in America, so obviously this guy would come out with a extremely jealous article pointing fingers at fans from Titletown. I have been saying this for a while recently, Philadelphia is a city full of scumbags and they deserve another ringless run. I was happy for the city when they won, now they are trying to play the us against the world card which actually goes to show how actually pathetic they are.

How dare this guy go after our fans, when they have some of the most classless people in America representing their city. They embrace booing little kids, injured players and throwing up on little girls. Maybe they are just upset because their city is a step above New Orleans after the hurricane hit. Honestly have you ever been there? There are 2 cool streets, steak and cheese subs and then a bunch of ugly women. So calm down Philly and embrace the role of the little sister because that's all you'll ever be.

Oh yea Flyers, smooth move, trading 2 of your best players for a ehhh goalie isn't winning you the cup any time soon.

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