Friday, June 24, 2011

The Tease Factor: Cheryl Cole's protégé Cher Lloyd taunts fans with a taster of debut video, by posting just eight seconds online

By Nadia Mendoza

Attitude: Cher Lloyd wears extensions in her new video Swagger Jagger

Cher Lloyd has posted a teaser of debut single Swagger Jagger online, but is keeping the storyline well and truly under wraps.

The X Factor star released an eight second montage from the video, keeping fans on their toes by revealing very little detail.

The clip kicks off with the Malvern teenager popping her Sony walkman into her pocket, along with a quick glimpse of some jewellery on her fingers.

The 17-year-old has two rings, both of which are a duplicate of Scrabble board pieces, with one printed with 'C' for Cher and another with 'L' for Lloyd.

In another scene, Cher is dressed in preppy beige trousers, a stripey shirt and a bowtie.

She completes the look, reminiscent of an American fast-food chain worker, with a red denim waistcoat, complete with her name emblazoned on it, which highlights her petite frame.

The pop princess is also seen strutting down the street in grey jogging bottoms and a leather jacket.

Malvern magic: Cher pouts into the camera as she embarks on her solo career

Her hair extensions, tinged blonde at the bottom, hang over her shoulders to reveal a huge pair of bling earrings and a chunky chain.

Last night, Cher tweeted: 'From 8am tomorrow there shall be a teaser of my video (swagger jagger) on my official website! Make sure you check it out!♥ ta (:'

Leader of the pack: Cher shows off her moves with a team of backing dancers in her trail

The audio for Cher's track was slammed by critics when it leaked last week.

Even British chart-topper Example muscled in on the action, saying: 'Cher Lloyd's single has been leaked. The biggest crime since she got a record deal.'

He added: 'It’s all manufactured which is fine, cause that’s what a lot of pop music is. but they could have put her in with all the best songwriters in the world but the best they could come up with is “get on the floor floor floor, get on the floor” and “Swagger Jagger” which means absolutely nothing.

'So I think its back to the drawing board for her and her record label.'

But Cher is proving to be a tough little creature, defending herself by tweeting: 'Well we all knew I'd get mixed reviews! I'm still proud, my dream came true. Thanks for all the support! Xxxx'

The full video will be released in one week.

Dicing with danger: Cher brandishes her initials on her Punky Allsorts rings, along with a dice chain

Colourful: X Factor star swaggers along with a neon pair of trainers


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