Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tim Tebow Wants Me To Hate Him

Tim Tebow is having his memoir come out called "Through My Eyes". I hated Tebow in college, then I kinda liked him because he got so much shit before being drafted that I thought I'd be cool if he actually made it. Ten he did a stupid Super Bowl commercial, and now this...

"And throughout Through My Eyes, Tebow's book now in stores, is the bone-deep religious side of the evangelical young player who writes Bible verses beneath the play codes on his wristbands, just as he once inscribed them in his eye black for his college games.

The book, written with co-author Nathan Whitaker, starts each chapter with a Bible verse and is laced with as much with "glory to God" as it is with pages of grit-and-grunt details of Tebow's trademark punishing workouts. He trains relentlessly, determined to confound everyone who has questioned whether he can make it as a quarterback in the NFL (USA Today)."

First off how the hell do you right a memoir when you haven't done shit in the NFL. If it was just about his college days then fine, but that should still be done after your career is over. Tebow isn't even the starting QB on a very average football team.

Then there is all this God stuff. I don't mind that people are religious, but when you throw it in everyone face it drives me crazy. It's basically like anything else, I don't mind vegetarians, but if you preach to me about how I should feel sorry for animals then I hate you. I don't mind conservatives, but if you preach to me about how I'm wrong and everything sucks unless your Republican, then I hate (looking at you Mr. Callahan). Well the same goes for this God stuff, and I'm sick of it. I get Mr. Tebow you love Jesus. Sweet, now go learn how to throw a spiral and shut the fuck up.

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