Sunday, June 26, 2011

Together again so soon? Madonna is spotted with former toy boy Brahim Zaibat just weeks after they split up

By Daily Mail Reporter

Something to tell us? Madonna and Brahim Zaibat split up last month - but they looked close as she joined him on a night out in Paris

They were reported in May to have parted company after nine months together.

But despite the suggestions that Madonna and her former toy boy Brahim Zaibat were no longer an item, the pair looked very close when he DJ-ed at a Paris nightclub over the weekend.

Not only did the 52-year-old singer - who is 28 years older than the hip-hop dancer - watch his set at the French capital's VIP Room, they then left the venue together.

And Brahim showed what a gentleman he was by carrying the singer's Prada handbag.

Madonna was also seen holding the 24-year-old's arm as they left the club - and the pair both returned to the city's Ritz hotel where she has been staying.

Brahim and Madonna reportedly called it a day after his family said they did not want him going to Kabbalah meetings with her, but to stick to his Muslim beliefs instead.

Chivalrous: Madonna took a Prada bag to the VIP Room in Paris where Brahim was DJ-ing - but when they left he was carrying it for her

This is thought to have led to tension and rows between the couple.

After the split was revealed, a close friend of Brahim's reportedly said, Who’s Madonna?’

The friend also described Brahim as a 'single guy' and added, ‘He’s no longer an item with Madonna. He’s very happy. There’s nothing more to say.’

Are they or aren't they? The singer was revealed in May to have split from Brahim, who is 28 years her junior

Last year Zaibat’s mother Patricia Vidal told how she received a call from her son, who was in New York, when he revealed: ‘I’ve got a new girlfriend.’

The mother of four was unperturbed when he mentioned an age gap of eight years. She said: ‘You’ve always been mature for your age – it will be good to spend some time with a girl who’s a bit older than you.’

But he replied: ‘No, she’s eight years older than you, mum – and her name is Madonna.’

Hotel greetings: Brahim also returned to the Ritz hotel in Paris where Madonna has been staying

Mrs Vidal said: ‘My mouth fell open. Madonna was already a big star when I was a schoolgirl, let alone when Brahim was growing up. The whole situation is very strange indeed – surreal even.

Madonna, a mother of four, divorced film director Guy Ritchie in 2008 after eight years of marriage.

She dated Brazilian model Jesus Luz – who like Zaibat was 28 years her junior – for a year until February 2010.


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