Friday, June 17, 2011

Vladimir Putin appoints “ex-Glamour Model” as a private photographer

Vladimir Putin's press bureau has been enforced to shield itself after hiring a former glamour model as his private photographer.

Yana Lapikova, a 25-year-old former Miss Moscow competitor, was verified to have been selected as one of Mr Putin's official private photographers on Tuesday.
The photographer and Blogger who first declared Miss Lapikova's appointing posted some of her racier modeling photos beside her own attempt including ill-focused shots of fruit.

It is not clear how much skill she has. An online collection under her name includes just a few dozen shots of cats, a reportage from the interior of a jail and sceneries in Israel.
"I consider it's good and nothing to be embarrassed of. I think we can only applaud the prime minister's press service on such an achievement," he remarked. "Not every photographer obtains such a profession.

Protecting the recent addition to the team, Dmitry Peskov, Mr Putin's press secretary, said the press service had been observing for a new photographer for some time because the others were too hectic covering occasions attended by Mr Putin's deputies. He persisted that the selection was totally down to qualified merit.

We don't choose photographers on the basis of gender. She's an actually good photographer, her previous modeling profession doesn't relate us at all, it's not a wrong" he told the Interfax news agency. Photography plays a significant role in the image plans adopted by Mr. Putin's very functional press office. His 'action man' image is put up on outdoor photo prospects with polar bears and tigers and bare chested horse riding in Siberian Rivers. On usual working days photographs sponsor an image of him as a no-nonsense administrator who holds his officials to account by confining his signature stare and the slumping, unimpressed pout he uses to show who is boss when chairing government meetings.

Miss Lapikova will work beside two expert photographers who document Mr. Putin's regular meet-and-greets, government meetings and occasional comes across with jeopardized predators.
A video on YouTube has appeared the lengths the Russian city of Pskov went to obliging Mr. Putin during a current visit, including laying new lawns, only to eliminate them once he left.

Russian bloggers have called the turf the 'Potemkin lawn', signifying it might have been "a private lawn from Moscow that travels the country in Putin's baggage".
The Potemkin lawn is a play on the tendency of 'Potemkin villages', named after the 18th Century general Prince Grigory Potemkin, who is said to have had whole villages constructed to impress Catherine the Great when she visited the newly conquered Crimea in 1787.

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