Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Watch your back, Pammie: Imogen Thomas has a Baywatch moment on the beach in California

By Andrea Magrath

Pammie eat your heart out: Imogen Thomas attempts to recreate the iconic Baywatch slow-run on the beach in California

Ryan Giggs made headlines this week when pictures of him strolling happily with his wife Stacey on a make-or-break holiday in Majorca surfaced.

Not to be outdone, the woman at the centre of the Giggs scandal, Imogen Thomas, put on an attention-grabbing show yesterday on her own sunshine break in California.

The former Big Brother star ensured the spotlight was firmly back on her by donning a Baywatch-style red swimsuit and recreating Pamela Anderson's iconic jog on the beach.

Television icon: The 28-year-old paid tribute to Pamela Anderson's famous role

The 28-year-old even grabbed a life-saving floatation device for her attempt at the famous slow-run, and pranced along the sand with a friend.

Imogen had a little less success when she tried her hand at roller-skating the same day.

Remaining in her red swimsuit, she had no problem attracting the attention of male passers-by, who turned to ogle the brunette as she leaned down to show off her behind and plenty of cleavage.

Skater girls: Imogen later tried her hand at roller-skating along the promenade at the beach front

Turning heads: Imogen ensured she drew the attention of others as she pulled some provocative poses

Unfortunately, Imogen's efforts to turn heads worked a little too well - and she drew plenty of stares when she took a spectacular tumble.

Miss Thomas lost her footing at one point, and ended up flying off the pavement in a crash landing.

Her red-head friend looked on in horror at Imogen's ungraceful tumble, but luckily for the reality star, she had a soft landing on the sand.

Whoops! Imogen skates off-course as her horrified friend looks on helplessly

Going: She skates into the sand, and discovers that it is perhaps not the easiest surface on which to skate

After the scandal and attention of the past few months, landing head first in the sand appeared to be the least of Imogen's worries, and she laughed the incident off good-naturedly.

It hasn't been all sun and sand for the controversial celebrity during her time Stateside.

Imogen told followers on Twitter that she's also been holding meetings in between having fun.

'Gym done again! Its 7.20am! looking forward to today and my meeting tonight. Oh Iove the american accent on guys....sexy sexy,' she wrote this week.

Gone: Imogen tumbles on to the sand, as bemused onlookers stare

Red-face: She laughed off her less-than-graceful crash landing

Back on this side of the pond, Ryan and Stacey Giggs were putting on a unite front during their holiday in Spain.

As reported in the Mail this week, their holiday is the clearest indication yet that Mrs Giggs has forgiven her footballer husband after the revelations of his affair with Miss Thomas, and also his sister-in-law Natasha Giggs.

The couple have been holed up in a £22,000-a-week villa on the holiday isle, reportedly locked in intense discussions about their future.

Steady on: The former Big Brother star was a little wobbly on her skates, but eventually got the hang of it


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