Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yankees Falling Apart

We have already hears that Colon is on the DL (shocking), and now we get word that Jeter and Russel Martin could be next. When you add that to Joba, Rafael Soriano, and Highes the Yankees could be in some trouble. I wrote awhile back how the downfall of the Yankees is coming. They might be good this year, but what about in 2-3, as Jeter and A-Rod get older and are unmovable because of their contracts?

Let's forget about the long term though and focus on this year. The Yankees are 1-8 against the Red Sox so far this year, most recently getting swept at Yankee Stadium in which only one game was decided by less then a 5 run margin. On top of that the Sox are riding a 9 game winning streak while averaging 9.2 runs per game.

With the Yankees injuries the Yankees have they are in serious trouble. Sure, they might go out and sign some pitchers and they always seem to have the money, but I don't see them getting anyone who is going to make them better then the Red Sox. On top of that I think there are a couple teams that could pass them in the Wild Card. The Rays have a lot of good young pitchers, and Longoria is finally healthy should start rolling soon. The White Sox are the sleeping giants in the AL, you would think with all their talent they are going to start rolling at some point (maybe they already are, 9-4 in their last 14 games). Then there are the Tigers, who look more dangerous by the day.

Maybe I am being to hard on them, but maybe I am not. There is not a lot that excites me about their team, and with each passing day they are a little bit older, a little bit slower, and a little more overpriced.

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