Friday, June 17, 2011

You Are Not Going To Like The Bruins Parade

Hate to rain the Bruins parade, but it's going to disappoint a lot of you. It's not just because I'm bitter that I can't go, but the way they planned it, and the bumbling mayor's rules.

1) It is ending in Copley. I work in Copley and trust me it is not a good place to have that many people. They just won't fit.

2) There is no rally point. No speeches, nothing. You are going to see the duck boats, some players for about 2 mins, and then nothing. What made the Patriots rally great is that it ended in Government Center, and there was speeches, music, dancing, awesomeness. They aren't allowing any of that. It will literally be duck boats, clapping, and watch them go by. Sweet.

3) Last, and least important it might rain. That sucks, but it only sucks, because you are getting very little out of it. If it was a rally, and players were out there with you doing speeches, then it's worth it. To watch them drive by in a duck boat, no thanks.

The only reason to go is to see the Cup. I can understand that, but what a disappointment. I mean when Bourque won the Cup they let him make a speech, and he didn't even win it in Boston. This is just fucking stupid, and I am disappointed in Boston.

For those of you going here is the route:

The route will begin at TD Garden at 11 a.m. and work its way through the city, beginning on Causeway Street. The team will travel on duck boats past City Hall Plaza and the Common before ending at Copley Plaza on Boylston Street.

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