Monday, June 6, 2011

6 Sox, 3 Oakland

John Lackey did the job. It may not be the best line ever, 5.1 innings 3 earned runs, 2ks, but he got the win. I don't think many of us expect a better line than that going forward, but we will take it. John Lackey is our 4th starter, I don't care how much he's paid, as long as he doesn't give up more than 4 runs a start I don't care.

Now for people I like talking about, Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez were responsible for 5 of the 6 runs the Sox scored this afternoon. Crawford hit a 3-run home run into the bullpen in the second inning off of Brett Anderson. Then Adrian Gonzalez hit a 2 run blast into the monster 2 innings later to put the A's away for good. David Ortiz went 3-4 and is amazing, he is now hitting .325 for the season. Salty had a 3-for-4 game of his own with a triple and 2 singles.

But isn't Adrian Gonzalez the best hitter anyone has ever seen in a Sox uniform. Since I never saw Ted play, I guess the comparisons would be Manny and Wade Boggs, and they never were able to do what this guy has done thus far.

We are a game back against the Yankees heading into NY this week.

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