Monday, June 13, 2011

Anyone Realize Just How Good The Red Sox Are?

The Red Sox have won 9 in a row. That's impressive, but the way they have done it is even more impressive. Over the last 9 games the Sox have averaged 9.2 runs per game. That's more than a run an inning. In an era of pitchers dominating, the Sox are crushing the ball.

Even with how well they are doing, they could be doing so much better. Crawford is still only hitting .246, Pedroia/Youk are only in the .260 range. So, just how good could this offense be? It might be the best Red Sox offense we have seen in our life times. Gonzalez is the best hitting in baseball. I don't care what anyone says it's the truth. Ortiz is having a hell of a year, and he usually only gets better as it gets warmer. Ellsbury just keeps playing better and better, and is finally the leadoff hitter we all envisioned. Boston is 1st in the AL in runs, first in the AL in batting average, 2nd in AL in HRs.

Sure, I am a little concerned about this pitching. Their bullpen has holes, and you still have to wonder what you are going to get from Wake and Lackey. Yet, if they keep hitting like this will it matter? In the playoffs if you have 3 very good pitchers you are going to go deep. The Sox have that with Buchholz, Lester, and Beckett. If this offense keeps this up, and those 3 pitchers stay healthy there is no reason the Red Sox will be playing in the World Series.

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