Friday, June 17, 2011

Buchholz/Lowrie Injury Update

As DP stated earlier the Sox won last night, but it came with some cost. Buchholz and Lowrie had to leave the game. Here is the latest on both...

Buchholz left after the fifth inning due to a stiff lower back. This has been bothering him for awhile, and if you have ever pulled a muscle there you know it takes forever for it to go away. The good news is that I think he won't have to go on the DL. The Sox have already stated that they are bringing up Andrew Miller, and that he will start Monday. They also have 2 days off in a 5 day span. That's huge, and means the Sox can't wait awhile, and see how he responds to treatment. That could be enough to keep him from a stint on the DL.

Lowrie meanwhile I think is going to need to go on the DL. His left shoulder has been bothering him for nearly 3 weeks, since his collision with Crawford. It is really causing him to slump. In his last 10 games since the collision he is batting .163, while Scutaro has been playing well. I think it is time to sit Lowrie down for awhile call up someone like Drew Sutton, and I think that is what they are going to do as he was pulled from the PawSox game yesterday. Lowrie has been great, but he needs to be healthy, and with the way this lineup is hitting the Sox can deal with losing him for a couple weeks.

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