Friday, June 17, 2011

Carlos Zambrano To Yankees?

Umm, yes please!

There are reports that top advisers to Yankees GM Brian Cashman have been at recent outings of Carlos Zambrano. Obviously, that starts rumors that the Yankees might try to bring him in. I couldn't root for this more to happen. I hate Zambrano so much, and would love to root against him. Plus, he sucks. You add that pressure of New York to this guy and he is going to snap, and I would love to sit back and watch that happen. If that wasn't good enough over $28MM remaining on his contract, and the Yankees are already bleeding money. Sure, they will never run out, but it has to get annoying.

Zambrano is a bum, and his 4.50 ERA in the NL will easily be over 5.00 if he comes to the AL East. I will pray each night, and will a goat for the baseball Gods if they let this happen.

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