Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Believe We have Seen The Last Of Terrelle Pryor At Ohio State

1st we have Jim Tressel resigning from Ohio State after the turmoil surrounding him, now the NCAA has released a seperate investigation surrounding highly touted, yet disappointing qb Terrelle Pryor and him having a million cars.

"Pryor drove up to a players-only team meeting on Monday night in a coal-black Nissan 350Z sports car with 30-day plates. The automotive information site lists a recent, used 350Z, which it calls "a proper sports car for the everyman," as costing between $16,000 and $27,000.

Pryor was stopped three times for traffic violations over the past three years, each time driving cars that were owned by Kniffin or a Columbus used-car dealership where he worked, the Dispatch has reported. Kniffin, owner Jeff Mauk of Jack Maxton Chevrolet, Inc., and Jason Gross of Auto Direct Columbus, Inc., each provided affidavits to Ohio State officials earlier this month." ESPN

Well that seems pretty open and shut don't you think. How did no one ever question this or question where he got these from? This isn't like a Cam Newton situation, Pryor was contently flashing the cars around campus around. Ohio State is going to go down big time and I wouldn't be surprised if all the records they have will be wiped out.

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