Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yup, I'm a Band Wagoner... Fuck Off

I have always been a Hockey hater and could care less about the sport. I was pumped actually when the sport went on strike because it didn't waste my Sportscenter time. But I'll admit it, I'm rooting for the Bruins. I'm not going to act like I know a lot about hockey or any of the players. I like Michael Ryder and Tim Thomas, and that's the extent of my hockey knowledge. I have no idea who's on Vancouver, I could care less. But with the Celtics tanking, the Red Sox not winning in a couple of years, it's about time we get another parade here in Boston and go back to the top of the sports world so we can be smug to all other fans across the country.

So here are my predictions for this series.

Bruins in 6, Ryder with 6 goals in the series, wins MVP and I get to be a thorn in every Bruins side by saying I told you so.

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