Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Peoria Chiefs Instantly My Favorite Minor League Team

When I look at minor league baseball I only care about individual players. Wins and losses really don't matter at all to me, but now there is one team that I will root for during the rest of my days on Earth... The Peoria Chiefs.

Who are they? They are the Class A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs, and they are throwing the greatest promotion in sports history. The best part? It's so genius that it's going to cost them nothing.

Tomorrow night the Chiefs are having a "LeBron James NBA Championship Replica Giveaway night". What will they be handing out? Nothing. They are going to have people standing outside handing you invisible ring. Oh, and it gets better.

The whole night they will be reliving the "true" champions (The Chicago Bulls' six NBA titles). They are also said to be looking into whether they can skip the fourth inning. Why? Because it would commemorate Lebron James epic 4th quarter fails (18 points during the fourth quarter in six NBA Finals games).

Really, can you think of anything better then that. My hats off to you Peoria Chiefs, that is the single greatest promotion a team has ever done (and it doesn't cost them a dime!).

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