Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amy Winehouse funeral: Mitch Singer's father says "goodnight, my angel" in tribute

Amy Winehouse's father Mitch said "goodnight" to his daughter today earlier than her funeral finished with family and friends singing her favorite song.
Huge numbers of people paid their last honors to the disturbed singer at the Edgwarebury Cemetery in north London before of a private service.
Her father's tribute finished with the words "Goodnight, my angel, sleeps fixed. Mummy and Daddy love you always so much."
The service, which integrated prayers in English and Hebrew plus Mr. Winehouse's tribute, finished with a performance of the Carole King song So Far Away.
A spokesman for the family said: "Mitch was humorous, he told some great narratives from childhood about how willful she was, and undoubtedly the family and friends known the stories and giggled along.
"He worried several times she was more contented now than she had ever been and he spoke about her boyfriend and paid compliments to a numerous of people in her life."
Amongst the visitors at the service were artist Alex Foden, who has been attributed with creating Winehouse's trademark beehive hairdo, producer Mark Ronson and singer Kelly Osbourne.
After the service, which was headed by Rabbi Frank Hellner, Winehouse's body was taken to Golders Green Crematorium, where her grandmother was cremated.
The family will hold a two-day Shiva - a customary period of grief in the Jewish faith - after the service.
Alfie Ezekiel, a friend of her father, said: "Mitch gave a very good tribute and he organized to obtain through it very well, thinking.
"He said the lot. I don't desire to depart into explain but his last words were 'Goodnight, my sweetheart'."
He said the service - during which Mr. Winehouse was the only family member to talk- was "enjoyable" and "renowned" the 27-year-old singer's life.
"It was very moving," he added.
The 55-year-old, from Loughton, Essex, who works in the textile industry, said between 300 and 400 mourners attended the service.
Visitors left holding photos of the star.

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