Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Is Mass Serious With This Biking Stuff?

Due to a scheduling conflict, the launch of the city’s new bike-sharing program has been moved to 11 a.m. Thursday at City Hall Plaza. Hubway, a program that will bring 610 bicycles to about 60 rental kiosks around the city, was originally scheduled to launch yesterday. On Thursday, registered Hubway members and employees of companies sponsoring the program will ride 200 of the silver bicycles to 12 of the Hubway kiosks. Hubway has also announced the prices for its casual membership: becoming a 24-hour member costs $5, and signing on to the program for three days costs $12. Annual membership costs $85, though there is a special introductory rate of $60 until the end of July. Rentals of up to half an hour are covered by the membership fee. Boston.com

This program cost about 2 million dollars to fund and you know what? It's not going to work, they try these programs everywhere and they never work. You know why? Because people or kids will end up just stealing and demolishing the bikes. They tried this at URI once when I was there and you know what happened, they were set on fire, stolen or driven into the lake.

Also, this is just going to piss me off more when I drive, the thing I hate the most is when I have to yield to a bike on a busy road. Everytime I have to share the road with a bicyclist I feel like committing murder. They say, this is going to make it so there is less traffic, which is bullshit, it's only 600 bikes, but I would rather deal with bumper to bumper traffic over dealing with 20 more bikes on my commute.

Stupid idea mass.

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