Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shocking News: Players From Philly Are A Bunch Of Drunks

Since the Flyers traded away captain Mike Richards and Jeff Carter this offseason we have wondered why. Of course they needed a goalie, but to trade away two of their best offensive players seemed a bit much. Then news started to come out that these two refused to write their uniform numbers on a board in the locker room under a pledge to abstain from alcohol, as the coach requested. There are also rumors that these two had some serious drinking/partying problems.

Well, I guess that would explain it, and I guess we shouldn't be all that shocked that a hockey player has a drinking problem, and even less shocked when that player is from Philly. There have been some rumors that Marchand is kind of a party animal and the Bruins have asked him to cut back, but at least he has something to celebrate.

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