Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Buchholz Progressing

Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz, on the disabled list since mid-June due to a muscle strain in his lower back, threw 30 pitches off a bullpen mound -- his first session off a mound since the end of June in Philadelphia -- and proclaimed the session to represent a significant marker in his progress back to the rotation. Buchholz threw a "short box" session, in which the catcher sits in front of home plate, and suggested that he got through the session with only minor soreness that he was quickly able to manage.

"This is I think the biggest step in the right direction so far in this process," said Buchholz. "There was still a little soreness coming off after I threw. Sat down for about 10 minutes, did a couple stretches and it felt better (WEEI)."

As well as the Red Sox are playing they are going to need Buchholz if they are going to have any chance of winning it all. Beckett and Lester can get them so far, but in the playoffs having a 3rd good pitcher is huge. I have to admit this update does not make me overly optimistic. Why is he still having soreness? I mean he only threw 30 pitches, and he is still feeling soreness in his back. That can't be a good sign. What happens when he pitches in a game and pushes it? Or if he is in a game and it's raining and it tightens? Sorry, but this doesn't sound good and I am starting to get worried. I hope the Sox are right and this is a step in the right direction, but it doesn't sound all that good to me.

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