Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Miranda Kerr finally gets her hands free: Orlando Bloom takes over parenting duties as wife enjoys some alone time


Handful: Miranda Kerr held on tight to her little treasure Flynn as she left a hair salon in West Hollywood today

It looked like Miranda Kerr had been left holding the baby yet again as she left the hair salon with her baby Flynn.

But chivalrous Orlando Bloom made sure he took his turn so she could have some time to herself in plush Beverly Hills today.

Victoria's Secret model Miranda, 28, took the rapidly growing infant with her when she got her hair done at a fancy West Hollywood salon

Your turn: Orlando Bloom is left holding the baby for a change as Miranda Kerr gets the chance to stretch her legs

But Lord of the Rings actor Orlando made sure she got the time to enjoy some quiet time alone when he took his boy while she ran some errands.

And it looks like the Calcium Kid star is feeding his son plenty of milk as the baby, who weighed almost 10 pounds when he was born in January, continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Miranda took advantage of the opportunity to make a phone call and looked stunning in a flowing ankle length floral dress which showed off her enviable post-baby figure.

Hold on: Miranda makes sure she holds on to her rapidly growing son as she leaves the hair salon

Dressed to impress: Miranda wore a stunning black floral gown as she went about her business

Orlando was returning the favour after kind Miranda looked after the baby while he had a laid-back day of fun yesterday.

The 34-year-old was spotted riding his motorbike in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles.

And he was spotted the night before enjoying a slap-up meal with chums at a local restaurant.

It was recently been confirmed that Orlando will be reprising his role as the elf Legolas in The Hobbit: An Unexpected journey, which is currently shooting in New Zealand.

Hands free: Miranda takes advantage of the fact Orlando is holding the baby to make a phone call

source: dailymail

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