Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The 230lb beauty queen: Meet the Miss America hopeful who went from portly to pageant babe

By Paul Bentley

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Transformation: Bree has gone from a portly blonde teenager, left, to a swimwear competition winner

While the bikini-clad beauty queens around her mindlessly preach world peace, one Miss America hopeful hopes her message will carry a bit more weight.

Bree Boyce, a 22-year-old singer from South Carolina, is this year's surprise Miss America hopeful after she lost an incredible 110lbs to win her state contest.

Stunning photographs chart her remarkable transformation - from an overweight and awkward teenager to a self-confident and charming young woman, with a body which looks toned and healthy rather than starved.

Miss Boyce, who won the crown on Saturday and will now compete for the Miss America title in Las Vegas in January, says she is in the running to inspire other heavy teenagers to eat more healthily.

'My goal in life is to inspire all ages to become healthy through good eating habits, exercise, and believing in Yourself. You have the Power to Change Your Life,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

'I look forward to sharing my message with people. I'm lucky enough to be meeting people through speaking engagements, school visits, and through various charity events.'

From piece of cake to world peace: Bree is far more confident following the weight loss

Miss Boyce carries around a pair of size 18 jeans with her to interviews to remind herself how far she has come.

Photographs from her 16th birthday show a heavy and awkward girl who took little pride in her appearance.

She is now slim but toned and certainly not worryingly thin - results she puts down to 'good eating habits, exercise, and believing in yourself'.

Glory! Bree celebrates the moment she is told she has won the Miss South Carolina title, putting her in the running for Miss America

She says she does not believe in dieting, because she has failed trying so many, but instead views her body as a car, which requires the right fuel to run efficiently.

'I felt I couldn't have that piece of chocolate cake that I enjoy so much because I am on a diet. If I go about every day and eat the right foods and I say that chocolate cake's there, I'm not going to deprive myself. If I want the chocolate cake that much I'm going to eat it. It's about not eating that chocolate cake every day on every hour... You have to have it in moderation.'

It's in the jeans: A heavier Bree poses between two family members, left, and with an old pair of pants, right

Considering Miss Boyce has now won a preliminary swimsuit competition, the turnaround is remarkable.

She is also a talented classical vocalist and at this year's Miss Carolina contest, which she won, her talent was singing 'Tu Tu Piccola Iddio'.

Before Miss Boyce heads to Las Vegas in January for the Miss America title, she will travel the country speaking about her weight transformation - as well, of course, as working on the various charitable campaigns for children's hospitals and other causes endorsed by the Miss America Organisation.

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