Friday, July 22, 2011

Common Pleas Court Judge Denied to Stay Blush Expansion

PITTSBURG - An Allegheny County Court’s Common Pleas Judge has denied the request to stop the expansion of Blush strip club on Thursday; the club is located nearby Pittsburgh’s Public School and Cultural trust. The residents, Public School Administration and Cultural Centre Administration appealed against the decision of Zoning Board of Adjustment to allow the club to expand its business building.

The residents of Ninth Street and Pen Avenue and ration of the Public School and Cultural Trust argued that the strip club is a kind of adult entertainment club, which will perform stripteases, erotic and exotic dances especially at night times, ultimately it will be functioning as night bar. These kinds of foul and filthy performances will be adverse to residents of this area, particularly students and children futures will be spoiled if it is allowed to expand its business here.

So the resident representatives and agencies of the Public School and Cultural Centre appealed to Allegheny County Court t against the Zoning Board of Adjustment approval to Blush Strip club expansion two weeks ago. The final hearing on the appeals was slated on Thursday in Allegheny County’s Common Pleas Court.   

The Common Pleas Court Judge, Joseph M James has taken the appeals on yesterday for hearing, and finally announced that the appeal is pending in this court and asked the Blush club to expand its club at the corner of the Ninth Street and Pen Avenue vacant buildings at present. However the Judge warned the owner of the club Albert Bortz, you can go ahead with new building on your own risks, if the appeals by the Public School, Cultural Trust upheld  in future by the court, The expansion of the strip club will be dismantled.

Mr. Kamin, Lawyer of Club, said “Adult entertainment club has been functioning here since 1961, but no dishonest event has been complained against us so far. But we are disappointed by the appeals and the decision by the court to expand our business in an vacant building in a corner. We are not going to occupy the 100,000 square feet to construct new building but only 3000 square feet.”

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