Thursday, July 21, 2011

Delonte Wants To Stay In Boston

"Delonte was drafted by Boston and he has a special place for Boston because of that," said his agent Jarinn Akana of Lagardere Unlimited. "He spent some good years there, then came back last year and was able to play, but had injuries here and there. He did contribute, but he wanted to contribute more and help Boston advance further. Of course he'd like to be back, I think that's his No. 1 goal to be back and help Boston win another championship."

The thing about Delonte West, is that he never hurts the team. He never does anything on the court that I can point to and say, "he was the reason we lost". He is perfect for the team and everyone needs a back up PG/SG. Unlike many professional athletes I think Delonte doesn't really care about money, he will probably resign with Boston for under his pay scale because he appreciates the city.

I have always been a Delonte fan, I felt bad when he was traded away, so if he can stick around for a couple of years that would be awesome. Plus it's always cool to have a crazy person on your team, Wildcard.

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