Thursday, July 14, 2011

Good Question

If the Red Sox had one 2 year 25 million dollar contract to give out, who would you give it to, Papelbon or Ortiz.

I'm really torn up by this because these are 2 positions I think you can get someone off the street and they can do. Ortiz obviously has had a huge resurgence this year after having some OK years the passed couple of them, and Papelbon has the numbers, but if you watch the Sox nothing really instills confidence.

I'm not really ready to say that Daniel Bard is the future closer, because I don't think he can handle it. Last year he was a disaster when it came to closing situations and Papelbon has converted 20 of 21 saves this year. If it's not broke, why fix it.

With Ortiz he is obviously older, he could bat .230 next year and no one would really be surprised, but he does have hero status here in Boston. I really do think he is a great influence on this team in the locker room. However, he is a hell of a hitter, has worked on hitting leftys and is no longer a HR or bust guy.

At the end of the day I will stick with a strong bullpen and lock up Papelbon because it's pretty much a game over once you get to the 8th when it goes Bard/ Papelbon. I hate to see Ortiz go, but I think he can be easily replaced if need be.

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