Friday, July 22, 2011

Lawrence Frank Headed To Detroit

I hate how the Celtics are starting to be Patriots-esque when it comes to the assistant coach position. Last year we lost one of the best defensive coaches in the business with Tom Thibodeau and now it looks as Lawrence Frank is taking his talents to Detroit.... ugh.

I don't blame him as Doc Rivers will be with Boston until he dies and it's always better to be a head coach than an assistant coach. However, if I were Frank I would have really considered waiting it out one more year and see if you can pick a better job than Detroit, as they are a mess. It'll be interesting to see who the Celtics get an assistant. Larry Brown is rumored because he and Doc are close, but since I despise that man, I would hate to see him on our bench. Hopefully its some token guy like Mike Woodson or they promote Armond Hill who has been a bench coach forever and he deserves it and he was really nice when we chilled at Cigar Masters.

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