Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Light as a feather! How Pauline Quirke shed a third of her body weight


Super slimmer: Emmerdale star Pauline Quirke shed a third of her body weight after she was told she was obese

It was the shock she needed after her weight hit 19st 6lb.

Pauline Quirke was told she was 'severely obese' and warned that one her hips had worn away because of the weight on it.

Seven months after that wake-up call the actress says she is a new woman after losing a third of her body weight.

Big star: Pauline as she was ten years ago

The 51-year-old former star of Birds of a Feather revealed she dropped an astonishing 6st 6lbs and is now 13st.

She confessed the discovery that she was categorised as severely obese made her take stock of her life.

She was also told by doctors that, because one of her joints had worn away, she needed a hip replacement.

Acting up: Currently starring in Emmerdale, Pauline plays mourning mother Hazel Rhodes

'I hadn't weighed myself for many, many years. Then just before Christmas, I got on the scales and it said 19st 6lbs. I was so shocked,' she told Woman magazine.

The latest issue of Woman is out now

She opted to go on the controversial 500 calorie-a-day Lighter Life diet, in which meals are switched for shakes, soups and snack bars, put together in food packs.

Those going on the programme need to have medical approval and have to have a health check every month.

Miss Quirke, who is now the face of the brand, said: 'I've never been hungry.

source: dailymail

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