Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not your best look! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley steps onto red carpet in far from flattering gown in Japan


Missing the mark: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley donned a dress that didn't make the most of her fabulous figure as she took to the red carpet in Osaka, Japan

With her model figure and fashion know-how Rosie Huntington-Whitely has to push hard to find an ensemble which doesn't flatter her frame.

But as she stepped out onto the red carpet in Osaka, Japan she sported a dress which did the impossible.

Her pale pink satin gown boasted a plunging neckline and draping detail above the waistband, but instead of looking chic fell on the frumpy side.

Not your best look: The model and actress had donned the plunging neckline dress with draped detail at the premiere to her film Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon

As she stood outside the cinema posing for picture before heading in for the screening of her latest film, air seemed to get trapped in the draped bust detail sagging over the waistband, rather than falling gracefully.

Earlier in the day Rosie had looked smouldering in a black leather and lace dress at a press conference ahead of the premiere.

Star power: Rosie with Shia and director Michael as the premiere in Osaka

The model turned actress is in Japan on the Transformers: Dark Of The Moon promotional tour and impressed journalists by greeting them in Japanese.

She said: 'Ohayoo gozaimasu, Rosie desu', which means good morning, I am Rosie.

Stunning: Rosie has shown off an array of dazzling dresses while promoting the Blockbuster

Fresh: Rosie let her blonde hair hang loose and wore dark eye shadow with neutral coloured lips

This is the last stop for the world tour of the new Transformer movie in which Rosie made her first acting appearance.

She has worn an array of stunning dresses throughout the screenings and press conferences which has shown off her stunning figure and natural features.

Natural beauty: The model turned actress has received criticism for her acting

The 24-year-old has received some criticism but that has not stopped people flocking to watch the movie, which is still number one at the U.S. Box Office.

It has so far grossed more than £400m world-wide but won't be released in Japan until July 29.

Leggy: Rosie laughs as she chats to the media about her role in the Transformers three movie

Leading man: Shia LaBeouf is Rosie's love interest in the film

All-star: Rosie with director Michael Bay and co-star Shia

source: dailymail

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