Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Only Way Is Dumped: Kirk Norcross says his doomed relationship with Lauren Pope ended after their sex life 'fizzled'

By Daily Mail Reporter

End of the road: The Only Way Is Essex co-stars Kirk Norcross and Lauren Pope have decided to go their separate ways after splitting

Despite proving their love on the surgeon's table with matching his 'n' hers nose jobs, Kirk Norcross and Lauren Pope lost their spark in the bedroom.

The Only Way Is Essex couple have already split once, but moving in together proved too much for the pair and the nightclub promoter claims he intentionally sabotaged their sex life to ease the pain of a break-up.

But confused Kirk says he still loves his ITV2 co-star as much as the day he met her, but things just 'didn't feel right anymore'.

Kirk said: 'Lauren and I lost the spark. I just stopped fancying her.

'I love her as much as I did when I first met her, but it just didn’t feel right anymore. She doesn’t deserve someone like me. She can do a lot better.'

He added: 'I didn’t want to lead her on. A steady sex life then a sudden split would’ve seemed cruel, so I made a decision to fizzle out the sex.'

The 23-year-old blames the break-up on his hectic social life, claiming nights out with the boys interfered with his love nest at home.

Recovering: Lauren and Kirk parade around in bandages following his 'n' hers surgery last month

'I was starting to go out with my mates a lot more,' Kirk told Star magazine.

'She confronted me and asked me what was going on. I told her we should have a break, but that was my way of saying "I think it’s over".

'I know it’s me that ended it, but if I see her with another guy it’s going to kill me.'

Despite being the instigator, Kirk revealed he even set his sights on marrying the blonde beauty, 27, one day.

'One day I wanted to marry her, and I would have. But luckily I didn’t rush into that, or it would’ve been a disaster.'

The duo revealed they were going their separate ways after debuting their matching £4,000 rhinoplasty last month.


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