Monday, July 4, 2011

Prince Albert's bride 'desperate to know' if he cheated on her while they were together


Dark clouds: Princess Charlene of Monaco is said to be desperate to find out if Prince Albert has been unfaithful to her and father more children

Princess Charlene of Monaco is 'desperate to know' whether her new husband Prince Albert had a love child during the five years they were in a relationship, it has emerged.

The couple were scheduled to fly off on honeymoon today to South Africa – the place which Charlene, 33, is said to have tried to flee to three times before their £55million wedding at the weekend.

She was said to be hugely distraught at claims that Albert, 53, had fathered up to two more children to add to the two illegitimate ones he already has.

Time for reflection: The newlyweds were scheduled to fly to South Africa on their honeymoon today but there have been fears that Charlene may not return if the accusations about Albert prove to be true

Now, as doctors prepare to carry out DNA tests in relation to at least one other youngster, Charlene’s principal concern is to find out whether the Prince was cheating on her.

'That is the priority,' said a senior Palace source in Monte Carlo.

'Charlene is resigned to the fact that Albert has illegitimate children, but she is desperate to know if one was born during their five year courtship.

In tears: Princess Charlene was overcome by emotion during the wedding ceremony - but were tears of happiness?

'The priority is to reassure her.'

Results of the DNA tests are unlikely to be released during the couple's South Africa honeymoon, and this is because Charlene could refuse to return to Monaco if they point towards Albert having been unfaithful, the source admitted.

The only confirmed detail of the trip to South Africa is a celebratory banquet in Durban, where Charlene trained as an Olympic swimmer.

Upset? Princess Charlene wipes away a tear as she leaves the Sainte Devote's Church where the couple were married

Albert will also use his time in the city to attend a meeting of the International Olympic Committee, of which he is an enthusiastic member.

At the weekend it was alleged that Charlene tried to flee home to South Africa three times before her 'arranged marriage', at one point taking refuge inside her country's embassy in Paris.

Sources said the Monaco palace had hoped the glitzy wedding - attended by a host of celebrities and European royalty - would 'overshadow' new claims about secret children fathered by Albert.

Instead, Charlene was in floods of tears at one point, while her husband looked on impassively.

Making it official: Princess Charlene and Prince Albert sign the register, but the results of DNA tests to discover the truth in the lovechild claims will not be revealed until after their honeymoon

Distraction technique: Sources say the Monaco palace had hoped the lavish wedding celebrations would 'overshadow' the accusations

There has been speculation that the marriage has been arranged to provide a legitimate heir for Albert in return for a multi-millionaire lifestyle

If an 'arrangement' has been reached it may be that Charlene's principal aim will be to produce a legitimate heir for Albert in return for a multi-millionaire lifestyle.

Albert already has a six-year-old son named Alexandre through Togolese former air hostess Nicole Coste, and a 19-year-old daughter, Jazmin, with Tamara Rotolo, an American estate agent.

Despite confirmation of the DNA tests, Charlene's father, photocopier salesman Mike Wittstock said: 'I am so disappointed that people believe this nonsense'.

Describing the joy he felt at his only daughter marrying a multi-millionaire Prince, he added: 'It feels as if we've just won the World Cup.'

source :dailymail

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