Friday, July 1, 2011

Red Sox @ Astros Preview

It has been a tough road trip for the Sox, but a trip to Houston can solve a lot of problems. Sure they still have to deal with their stupid rules, but this Houston is fucking terrible (29-53).

It's been awhile since the Wake has had to play Houston, actually the last time he did they were playing in that God awful dome (in 1993). The question is whether or not the Sox will score tonight. Boston won 14 of 16 games from June 3rd to June 20th averaging 8 runs a game, since then the Sox have slowed considerably, averaging 2.5 runs while during a 2-6 stretch. I blame a lot of that on the fact we have to play stupid NL rules, but like I said before the Astros are so bad it shouldn't matter.

Going against the Wake is Bud Norris, who has a 2.00 ERA in his last three starts but has posted an 0-2 record, why? Say it with me now... Because the Astros suck.

Red Sox win 8-4
Player of the Game: Ellsbury
Game starts at 8:05pm

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