Friday, July 15, 2011

Seriously, Has Anyone Seen This Show?

I never have feel so disappointed and Patriotic about people after watching this show. The show Swamp People is about about of redneck hillbillies running around Louisiana hunting alligators and shooting squirrels while drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and having the worst hygiene of all time. I mean look at the guy to the left, whats more Merican than that?

For me it was a ridiculous surprise that people like this even existed. But also made me intrigued because I kind of want to be one of them at the same time. Nothing is more manly then shooting a 9 foot alligator from point blank range in the face with a Marlboro Red in your mouth.

Anyways if anyone has a chance to check out this gold nugget it's on the History channel you will be amazed and disappointed at the same time.

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