Wednesday, July 20, 2011

'I'm sick of people saying I'm fat or pregnant': Katie Price reveals her diet secrets- just a juice for breakfast and no carbs

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

Slimming down: Katie Price has revealed her diet regime appearing on This Morning earlier today. The model said she drinks just juice for breakfast and has two other meals without carbs

She shocked fans when she posted a picture of her ultra-skinny frame to her Twitter page.

But Katie Price has spoken out about the reason she has lost weight and her new diet regime.

Speaking to This Morning the model, 33, told Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes that the she is on a no-carb diet with just a juice for breakfast.

Explaining why she has embarked on her regime she said: 'I'm sick of death of magazines keep saying I'm fat I'm pregnant, and its enough to give me a complex let alone other girls out there.'

And speaking about the photo she posted to Twitter last month she explained:' My arms are up in the air and anyone who has their arms up and stretches in.'

She added, 'Well, I don't have a complex but I put that on there to say 'does it look like I've got a bump? do I look like I'm pregnant?'

Speaking out: The 33-year-old model spoke out about her diet regime and why sparked her weight loss

Lean and leggy: Katie, seen leaving her friend's house, even asked Eamonn Holmes to feel her legs to prove they weren't too skinny

Speaking about her weight loss regime she said: 'I juice in the morning and I've been putting some recipes on there, and I obviously have two meals but no carbs, and I've actually noticed a difference because with me as soon as I eat my belly sticks out.'

Katie explained that a story circulating said she had lost so much weight on her legs that they crease and Eamonn used the opportunity to have a close inspection.

After feeling her legs the presenter said: 'What exactly am I looking for? Oh that's good definition, that's muscle... there are certainly not all wrinkly, I'm telling you.'

By her side: Leandro accompanied the model earlier today and they made their way to the ITV studios

Ahead of her appearance on the show Katie emerged from a friend’s house in a pair of huge bright blue metallic sunglasses, which appeared to have taken inspiration from Dame Edna.

Katie clutched her phone and her new book The Comeback Girl the right way around to ensure photographers got the shot.

The mother-of-three showed off her slim figure and deep tan in a pair of khaki Gucci shorts a white vest with a pale pink loose-knit jumper.

Argentine model Leandro opted for a checked shirt, a pair of ripped jeans and a trucker cap for their outing.

Book in hand: The mother-of-three ensured she had her new novel The Comeback Girl on show as she made her way to the ITV studios

Last Friday Katie sported another curious pair of glasses as she and Leandro enjoyed a shopping trip in London.

The model wore a pair of huge black and sparkly sunglasses which made for a curious eyewear choice as she hit up Dolce and Gabanna.

Katie, who appeared on This Morning earlier today and BBC radio has been on a whirlwind promotional tour ahead of the book release tomorrow.

Next week she will be making the record attempt at the O2 Academy in Leeds.

Having a hoot: Katie posted a picture of herself, Gary and Lauren Pope to her Twitter page in the owl position

Earlier today Katie, who modelled under the name of Jordan, posted a picture of herself, her make-up artist Gary and Towie’s Lauren Pope all getting in on the latest internet craze ‘owling’.

Katie has released no less than four autobiographies while comeback girl is her sixth ghost-written novel, many have which have become best sellers.

Katie has sole over 4.2 million books in her career and since 2004 she has spent 150 weeks in the Top Ten bestsellers list.


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