Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sox vs Orioles Preview

Starting Pitchers

Boston: Weiland (0-0, 13.50 ERA)

Baltimore: Guthrie (3-13, 4.45 ERA)

How I see it going down:
Kyle Weiland can't worse than he was last game out. I am seeing him actually having a quality start this game. He has some good stuff and good movement on the ball, so with a major league game under his belt already he puts it together. Also, Weiland was accused of intentionally hitting Vladimir Guerrero who is now on the DL, so if any game were to break out in a bean ball war, this would be it.

Jeremy Guthrie is one of my favorite players, he's a good player on an awful awful team and has been for years now. If you remember back a few years ago the come back on mothers day, Jeremy Guthrie was the dominant pitcher before the Sox came back on the O's pen. So I'm going to say he keeps the Sox at bay by yielding only 4 runs in 6 innings.

Winning Pitcher: Kyle Weiland (7 innings, 2 runs, 4 ks)
Tommy Award: Adrian Gonzo
Sox win 4-2

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