Friday, July 22, 2011

Speaking Of People Who Write


It's Friday and there wasn't any sports that interested me last night so I'm just gonna ramble about stuff you don't care about. I'm going to play Don King here and set up a battle between The Captain vs Jesus who write for DC. They are easily the best two writers in the family (I mean they make BMack and I look like retards with the way we write) and they are both polar opposites on certain things. For instance The Captain is a pessimist who is a giant hockey fan, despises basketball and is very stubborn when it comes to certain things like acknowledging when the Patriots failures, Ben Roethlisberger's innocence, and that Basketball is a better sport than Hockey, while Jesus is generally happy, loves basketball, hates Hockey, but loves stupid things like golf and tennis . So what am I doing? I'm setting up a debate between the two heavyweights on having an ongoing debate about something, I'm leaning towards a Basketball/ Hockey article figuring they are both on opposite sides with that, but I feel we do that too much as is. The challenge is on boys. Only in America!!

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