Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bruins Lose Kaberle To Carolina Then Sign Joe Corvo

The Carolina Hurricanes have agreed to a three-year, $12.75 million deal with Tomas Kaberle, but the Bruins quickly turned around and signed Joe Corvo to a 1 year deal worth $2.25 million. I really like what the Bruins did here. There is no way Kaberle is worth $4.25 million a year. He was a bust here, and even though the Bruins won the Cup with him, I feel they won in spite of him rather then because of him.

Corvo is a very solid pickup, and I like the short money deal. The Bruins do not need to get locked down in a long term contract for a "puck moving defenseman". Corvo will fit in nicely as he can take Kaberle's spot right away, and can be a nice addition to the power play. He is coming off a career year in which scored 11 goals and had 29 assists for a career-high 40 points. He just can't wear #77 anymore.

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