Monday, July 25, 2011

Ellsbury For MVP?

DP's hatred for one Jacoby Ellsbury must be fading at this point, as this guy proves game after game that he is the best center fielder in all of baseball. Beyond that he might even end up with the MVP by the end of the season.

Sure, his steals are a little down from where they usually are (on pace for 46), but he is making up for it in every other way. He is having a career year batting (.320), on base percentage (.376), homeruns (16, on pace for 26), RBIs (58 on pace for 95). Not to mention he is pretty damn good in the field.

I don't think he will win it because Adrian Gonzalez is on the team and I think in the end he will end up winning it, but Jacoby is cementing himself as the best leadoff hitter in the AL, and the best center fielder in the game. Good thing we held on to this guy.

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