Monday, July 25, 2011

MLB Trade Deadline

I don't think there is going to be a lot of moves this year at the MLB trade deadline, but there will be a few that will get a lot of press. Here are my predictions...

- Beltran will end up in the AL, and my best guess is with the Rangers. The Rangers are 3 games up in the AL West and I don't see any of the other teams passing them. That being said Beltre just went down with a hamstring injury and the Rangers could use another bat to put them over the top. An OF that has Cruz, Hamilton and Beltran could be very dangerous, and it is being reported that the Rangers have heavily stepped up their efforts.

- Carlos Pena will be moved, and call me crazy but I think the Pirates might be the ones to grab him. They could use the extra power, as they are only 13th in the NL in runs scored. Pena is an all or nothing guy, but he does hit the long ball (20 HRs) this season and could be a very nice upgrade over Lyle Overbay.

- White Sox will give up one of their starters and my best guess is Edwin Jackson. There are reports that suggest that the Yankees have had scouts looking at Jackson. He could be a nice fit at the backend of their rotation, especially since it seems like a matter of time before Hughes is done for the year. Still, I have my doubts that the White Sox will want to trade with someone in the same race as them. That being said, they are very far behind the Yankees, so it could make a lot of sense. No need to keep this 6 man rotation thing going.

- I don't see BJ Upton going anywhere.

- I don't see the Red Sox doing anything major. I think they are happy with what they have at FR as this point, and their farm system needs to chance to heal after the Gonzalez trade. They might add some kind of reliever, but that's probably about it.

- James Shields won't get dealt, which I think is a mistake.

- Ubaldo Jimenez isn't going anywhere.

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