Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mugen VS Mugen

We drive tuned versions of Honda CR-Z and the Ariel Atom back to back in this exclusive videoBy Jack Rix June 2011

Mugen is a company that doesn’t do things by half – and lately Honda’s tuning arm has been extremely busy.

The world’s most skeletal car, the Ariel Atom has been given a power boost without the need for a supercharger. The result is a 270bhp output from its 2.0-litre Honda-sourced engine that makes it just about the fastest thing on four wheels.

Other tweaks to the £50,000 road-legal track car include firmer suspension taken from the Atom V8 and a unique colour scheme for the chassis.

Alongside the Atom Mugen we drove the CR-Z Mugen – currently a one-off tuned version of the hybrid coupe. Now kicking out 200bhp it promises Civic Type R-beating pace with excellent Fuel Economy – and as we discovered its exhaust and styling aren’t for the faint-hearted.

Watch as we take both cars outside their comfort zones – testing the CR-Z on track and unleashing the Atom on public roads.


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