Saturday, July 16, 2011

Refreshed Kris Jenner shows off the results of her facelift ahead of daughter Kim Kardashian's wedding

By Sarah Bull

She wanted to look her best for daughter Kim Kardashian's upcoming wedding.

So Kris Jenner decided to go under the surgeon's knife and have a facelift ahead of Kim's big day, which will be televised on E!.

And while some will argue that having surgical intervention was not required, Kris looked delighted with her new look as she stepped out in Calabasas yesterday.

New look: Kris Jenner showed off the results of her facelift as she stepped out in Calabasas yesterday

It's the first time the 55-year-old mother-of-six has been seen since the swelling from the painful operation has gone down.

Accompanied by Insider host Lara Spencer, Kris headed to her daughters' DASH store and appeared thrilled with the natural-looking results of the operation.

Talking about the procedure recently, Kris' surgeon Dr Garth Fisher said: 'To be even more beautiful for Kim's wedding, I performed a Format Face Pinnacle Lift on Kris Jenner.

Revitalised: Kris had the surgery ahead of daughter Kim Kardashian's wedding

'This is a very customised premium quality, natural face rejuvenation procedure designed to freshen up and open the eyes, elevate the cheeks, and provide youthful contours to the jawline and neck.'

He added: 'This procedure allows quick healing. She looked gorgeous before of course and looks absolutely stunning now and is very happy with the results.'

Kris' daughter Khloe revealed that Kris had gone under the surgeon's knife earlier this month, when she told the New York Daily News her mother had the operation about 'a month ago.'

Why so shy? Kris later covered up by wearing a huge pair of sunglasses

Girls' day out: Kris was accompanied by Insider host Lara Spencer

Khloe stated: 'She looks amazing. They say you are supposed to have a lot of swelling for a week or so after, but I didn't notice.'

Video footage of Kris before and after surgery has been published on the E! website - the network behind the family's reality shows.

It shows Kris in tears as she sits in the waiting room surrounded by her children.
'I don't want to die,' the nervous 55-year-old says.

Terrified: Kris is seen crying before the operation in new video footage posted on E!

Painful: Following the operation, Kris looked to be in pain as she lay in bed

Kim soothes her, saying: 'Don't be nervous. If you're scared you don't have to do this. I'm sure everyone gets scared.'

The children then pile on top of their mother for a group hug before they wave her off to surgery.

As she recovered from the operation, Kim assured her the results were already positive.

'Mom, you look fab,' she said. 'So gorgeous.'

Of course, the reality TV family are no strangers to plastic surgery.

Kris' husband Bruce Jenner has had several facelifts while her daughter Kourtney has had a breast enlargement.

Sources also told the New York Daily News that Kim wants to make sure her wedding to basketball player Kris Humphries 'it's the most lavish event possible - no matter what it costs.'

It was recently claimed the nuptials are set to take place on August 20th.


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