Sunday, July 3, 2011

Royal couple ‘William & Kate’ want a baby but when they can

Newly wedding couple William and Kate are eager to have a baby as soon as ­possible, The People can disclose.
Palace insiders verified the couple has already talked about their family planning with royal gynecologist Alan Farthing.
Kate – now amazing mobs in Canada on her first official oversees visit with Wills since their marriage – would love to get pregnant in her first year of married life.
A basis close to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge said: “They both desire a baby immediately they can. William and Kate are so in love with one another they think there is no reason in delaying children.
“They have discussed through their plan for the year before and observe no reason why they shouldn’t seek for a child immediately”
Kate gave a glance of her deepest feelings when she talked in Ottawa to former service woman Celine Drapeau, 52, wife of a Canadian military policeman.
The duchess informed her: “I anxious when my husband goes on an assignment. It’s harder.
“You forever panic for them, not knowing if something will happen. It can be difficult.”
Celine said later on: “I consider it was very courageous of her to be so frank.”
On Friday Wills took Kate to a sheltered log cabin for a short romantic break from their frantic eight-day, seven-city tour.
They used up four hours at dramatic Lake Harrington, the country retreat of the Canadian Prime Minister.
Wills, 29, lined up Kate across a lake to the one-bed cabin, where they had a hectic made by PM Stephen Harper’s staff.
A source said: “It’s a beautiful stain and very idealistic.” Senior royal insiders told The People last week how Kate, also 29, is finding married life “totally delightful”.
And we can disclose Kate can’t stay to become a mum. She and Wills have discussed with Dr Farthing, 46 – once engaged to murdered TV presenter Jill Dando.
A reliable source said: “Their ­discussions come out to have been totally positive.”
If Kate does get pregnant in the next 12 months it will reflect the practice of William’s mother Princess Diana.
She had Wills 11 months after wedding Prince Charles 30 years ago this month.
But William has laid no pressure on Kate to go behind his mum’s example.
A reliable source said: “Their choice to have kids immediately has been made merely out of their love for one another.”
The couple spoke about their dream of having children in an interview marking their ­engagement last November.
Just the once the couple has done their whirlwind tour of Canada they will fly to Los Angeles for a showy weekend.
They will then come back into “normal” life at their farmhouse home on the North Wales island of Anglesey, near the RAF base where Wills works as a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot.
They are due to shift into a house in the grounds of London’s Kensington Palace later this summer.
In the mean time, the couple carries on to triumph the army of admirers who line the route wherever they go on their Canadian tour.
In Ottawa, the capital, a third of a ­million admirers carried streets to a standstill to observe them parade in a horse-drawn carriage as part of the Canada Day festivities.
That evening, Kate appeared eye-catching in an £800 ­purple Issa costume when she and Wills were guests at a gala show.
There was a total change of temper yesterday, though, as the couple met a cancer patient with only weeks to live.
Terry Joyce, 47, fought back of his wheelchair to meet them.
But in scenes that carrying back memories of Diana at her finest, Wills softly advised him to sit down and calm down.
And Kate got his hand and said: “Let’s get you out of the sunlight, Terry.”
Later on Terry disintegrated into tears and said: “This has given me a marvelous lift. Kate was just magnificent.”
Afterward the couple planted a tree near one planted by Diana in 1983. William seemed deep in thinking as he observed a sign on the trunk bearing his mother’s name.
William and Kate also meet up war veterans and volunteers at the Canadian War Museum. Former nurse Ida Crocker, 91, said of the Duchess: “She was very involved in me. She’s lovely. You are blessed to have her”

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