Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Apple decided to file a case against Samsung

Apple is taking legal action against Samsung Electronics, asserting it has imitated the design of its main iPhone and iPad products.

The American gigantic case centers on the South Korean firm's series of Galaxy mobile phones and tablets. Apple considers that Samsung's design aspects, such as the appearance of its screen icons, are "obvious" duplicates of its own products. The 16 argues pointed out against Samsung containing unfair improvement, brand violation and 10 copyright claims. Apple’s spokesman, Kristin Huguet, said: "This type of manifest repetition is incorrect."

"Before innovate and widen its own technology and a distinctive Samsung technique for its smart phone inventions s and computer tablets, Samsung select to fake Apple's technology, user line and pioneering style in these infringing items." 

In reply, the South Korean company said: "Samsung's advancement of key expertise and growth our intellectual asset collection are inputs to our sustained success." This is not the first time tech brands have conflicted over smartphone and tablet designs. In March, Nokia and Apple for copyright infringement and simultaneously Apple prosecuted HTC for the similar reason.  In October 2010, Apple prosecuted Motorola, saying its Smartphones use Apple's thinker property.

The tech giants are challenging to capture the international smartphone market which is predicted to rise by 58% this year. The flourishing tablet market is put to quadruple to 70 million units in 2011. Improving challenge with Apple's iPad2, Samsung reset its new 10.1 inch tablet in February, to formulate it the thinnest in the sort. Another tech company which desires crunching of the tablet market is Blackberry maker Research in Motion, which initiated its own PlayBook today. 

Investors' focuses are at the moment on the new gadget, which will seek to take on the iPad and the Galaxy tablet. The PlayBook is embattled at both buyers and experts but RIM launched it as "the world's first professional grade tablet". But despite challenge, the Apple iPad is forecasted to stay king of the tablets by tackling more than half of the market’s share for the next three years.

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