Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mr. Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama made $1.8m in the last year

America President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama earned $1.8m during the previous, generally through sales of the president's books, tax returns describe.
The couple's revenues gone down from $5.5m in 2009 and from $2.6m in 2008, a decrease the tax files aspects to sluggish book sales.
Mr. Obama's wages as American president was $395,000.
They gave around $500,000 in national and state taxes and contributed a total of $245,000 to almost thirty six charity organizations. The couple's tax return, which list Mr. Obama's occupation rotate as "US president" and "writer", were released by the White House on Monday.
Mr. Obama wrote his 1995 journal Dreams from My Father, a 2006 political book The Audacity of Hope and a children's book last year, Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters.
The president advantaged significantly from less tax rates on lofty takings endorsed into law under his ancestor George W Bush; Mr. Obama has pressed for those to be permitted to terminate, saying the US cannot afford tax rupture for the wealthy at a time of high budget shortfalls.
The couple’s give taxes in the US state of Illinois, where they have a home and resided before shifting to Washington in January 2009. The couple contributed to three dozen charities.
The biggest gift, $131,075, went to the Fisher House Foundation, which gives charitable supports to families of injured US military staff.
The US medium household income is $52,049.

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