Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Arizona’s bill on President Obama birth records

Arizona has approved a bill demanding President Barack Obama including any other presidential candidates to verify their US nationality before their names can come out on a ballot paper.  AP reports that it could represent a court would have to fix on whether the president's most talked birth certificate is required to establish he can officially run for re-election.keep in mind, folks, officials in Hawaii have qualified Obama was born there and . Hawaiian print media of the time accepted birth notices declaring the Obama family’s happy event.


The supposed ‘birthers’ have required more evidences. “Arizona is in the middle of a financial crisis. We've reduce school funding and they approve a bill inquiring Obama's citizenship? For real?” said Democrat senator Kyrsten Sinema. Carl Seel, Republican congressman engraved the bill. He said the president's birth documentations wouldn't suit the demands of his offer and that Obama would have to give other proofs, such as baptismal certificates and hospital records.

But he added that it wasn't proposed as a steal against the president and instead was meant to keep the reliability of polls. “Mr Obama illustrated the question out but it's not about him.” Republican governor Jan Brewer has awaited the end of business on Thursday to sign the bill into law and hasn’t said whether she will. Although the courts have dismissed lawsuits testing Obama's eligibility, the matter has not ended.

The courts may now have to make a decision if the new Arizona evaluation is legitimate. Seel says real estate businessman and possible Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is the main supporter of the bill. Last month Trump described on Obama to ‘show his birth certificate’ and Seel said he talked the bill with the Celebrity Apprentice host last week and ‘he liked it’. Funny, that.

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