Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Suicide bomber attack at Allies Military base in Afghanistan – 10 dies

The officials say, five overseas and five Afghan troops have killed in an assault in eastern Afghanistan.
The Afghan defense ministry said, a Taliban suicide bomber, who was in an army uniforms targeted an Afghan military base near the city of Jalalabad.
Allies officers said five foreign troops killed but provided no further factors. Four Afghan warriors and four translators were said to be wounded. The assault was one of the severest in months against foreign troops.
It happened in a while after 0730 (0330 GMT) when the bomber come up to the main gate of the army base and sparked off his volatiles. The Taliban asserted liability for the suicide attack, tallying that the attacker was a "sleeper agent" who had worked in the military for more than one month before beginning his attack.
 Yet, Afghan officials clearly rejected that proposition emphasizing that the attacker was wearing a military uniform but not a serving soldier. Allies officers in Afghanistan accepted that foreign troops had killed on Saturday but did not identify the nationalities of those killed.
"Five International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) working persons killed following a rebellious assault in eastern Afghanistan today," a statement said.
The attack was the third in four days liable on Taliban militants. The first died a tribal leader closely associated to Afghan President Hamid Karzai, while on Friday the police chief of the southern province of Kandahar was died.  Khan Mohammad Mujahid - a former mujahedeen rebel- had lived two earlier efforts on his life, one on his way home and another in his parade.
In the two most current happening, the bomber was wearing an official Afghan uniform. In spite of sales ban put in place to decrease the number of assault, Afghan military and police uniforms are easily accessible in the whole country.
The Afghan National Army and Afghan police are two of the main organizations practicing to conquest responsibility for security from international troops.
The Taliban are now calculatingly triggering the military and police in an attempt to challenge people's self belief in them and to end Afghans joining in the security forces, he adds.

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