Friday, April 15, 2011 2012 Honda CRV Update

Above are all of the speculating that I could find on the topic....
This was taken right from TOV;

"Last week we attended the 2012 Honda Civic press event and were able to spend a considerable amount of seat time driving the new Civic models (mostly the Si). We can't tell you anything about the Civics until next week, but while we were there, we picked up on a few tidbits of potential interest to our readers. First of all, it seems like the plan is for Honda to reveal the 2012 CR-V (due in the fall) next week at the New York Auto Show. Honda won't officially confirm this, though, and as such we do not know what form the CR-V reveal will take - our guess is that we will see a concept of some form, rather than a functional prototype.

Sub-TSX model, "Super sportscar"/don't-call-it-an-NSX-but-we-will-refer-to-it-as-the-next-NSX-anyway
Not much to report here except that the sub-TSX is still in the works, and it seems like the Autumn '11 launch is still set. The main thing we heard was that it would not be something like the current Acura CSX (Canadian model) - which is essentially a higher-level trimmed Civic. We have been hearing for a while that this vehicle will be offered in both gasoline and hybrid versions. A past source indicated to us that it would be "very edgy" and "very affordable", with an "aggressive IS350" sort of feel to it.

With regards to the range topping "super-sportscar", John Mendel offered last that Takanobu Ito has definitely committed to bringing it to market. Unfortunately our truth serum didn't have enough time to take full effect, as John was mum on any further details. So all we have is yet another "confirmation" that the project is a go, even though it's already been essentially "confirmed" 2 or 3 other times.


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