Saturday, April 16, 2011

Brazil – Rio school killer provoked by “Harrying”

A Brazilian citizen who gun fired 12 children at his previous school in Rio de Janeiro last week before assassinating himself was impressed by harassment, letters he wrote have exposed.
The letters left by Wellington Menezes de Oliveira, 23, were out by police including with a videos and photos.
In which he appreciates a US student who gun fired 32 people in 2007, calling him his "brother". The school bloodbath in Rio was the first incident of its type in Brazil.
"I think this hand out as a lesson, particularly to those school officers who put by with their arms annoyed as students were being assaulted, shamed, laughter," Menezes de Oliveira says in one video message.
I desire to leave very clear that I am not accountable for the casualties that will happen, even if my fingers will be on the trigger," he adds, accusing the murders he went on to assign on bullies. The wordy messages also quote God and mention from the Bible.
Photos reveal him posing with the two handguns that he utilized to assault the Tasso da Silveira school in Realengo, a poor community in western Rio. Menezes de Oliveira stimulated through the school gunfire students in the head at close range. He turned a gun on himself only after he was gunshot and injured by a policeman.
The mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes, has said the city will pay off the families of the dead. He said, these families have been through beyond words suffering.

It is an irrevocable loss, but some type of pay off has to be talked". The mayor did not give full features of how much the compensation would be or when it would be given.
 Brazil is no outsider to gun brutality, with regular shoot-outs in many cities, but the school assault in Rio de Janeiro upset the nation. The shooting flashed a dispute on gun control, and lawmakers have said they will recommend a national vote on whether to prohibit the sale of firearms.

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