Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Swedish couple’s terrible but safe Honeymoon

A Swedish couple has created a new term “Whirlwind romance” because during their honeymoon period they have to see a number of natural disasters around the world.

Stefan and Erika Syanstrom and their baby girl, Elinor, stumbled upon a storm, a cyclone, heavy rains, a bush fires and even a nuclear catastrophe during their four month honeymoon period.

After getting married in November 2010, Erika, 32, Stefan, 38, and Elinor, then six months old, leave from Stockholm at the starting of December. They at once became cut off for a night in Munich, Germany because of a snow storm. The family then had a calming time in China and Thailand before the number of tragedies started to occur all around them. In Bali, Indonesia, a monsoon set aside them indoors for days.

The next stop was Australia, going to Perth during huge forest fires, followed by Brisbane, where it rains and flooded. Next they went north to Cairns to dive at the Great Barrier Reef, but were left when a biggest cyclone hit the town and had to spend the night in a shopping mall along with 2,500 other people.

The unfortunate couple then taken off to New Zealand, where a magnitude 6.3 earth quake destroyed parts of Christchurch on February 22, killing about 200 people in the country's second most horrible natural devastation. Their route then took them to Tokyo in Japan, where they get pleasure from the visitor’s sites, but on March 11 they were sitting in a restaurant when a massive earthquake recorded in Japan stuck. The Svanstroms said the most sensitively disturbing familiarities during the Honeymoon journey had been the Japanese earthquake and its devastation.

Stefan, who serves as a consultant at the Swedish parliament, said: "We were sitting at a restaurant and suddenly  two women are beginning to talk to us in Japanese language and saying 'shake shake' so we had to get out of the restaurant and everything was shaking and we saw light posts just vibrating in the air."

Erika added: "Oh - we're very happy that nothing occurred to the family and we think so much about the people, especially in Japan." The family reached at Stockholm at the end of March, and said: "We're very pleased to be home safe and sound."

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