Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Honda says it will make electric cars in China

Honda plans to build make electric cars in China starting next year 2012 as part of a plan to raise sales there 10% a year.

Honda, a Japanese automaker, isn't stopping at electrics in the drive to pout China on the forefront of the automotive revolution, Bloomberg News reports. It also will make hybrids eventually, Bloomberg quotes CEO Takanobu Ito as saying at the Shanghai auto show today.

It's not like Honda will have to ship in a lot of parts for the project. The batteries, motors and other core parts are already made by Chinese manufacturers to cut procurement costs, he said. It's unclear which car that Honda would use as a base, but it has announced plans to electrify the small Fit. That's an electric fit in the picture, above.

Honda expects to sell 730,000 vehicles in China this year, a growth rate of about 10%, Ito said.


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